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laibach "Pop music is for sheep and we are shepherds disguised as wolves". Laibach

LAIBACH announce details of a new DVD release, VOLK DEAD IN TRBOVLJE, out on 28th July 2008.

The DVD marks the end of the extensive tour based on Laibach’s acclaimed album, VOLK, a collection of interpretations of national anthems which includes the national anthem for NSK, the State in time without territory and national boundaries which Laibach have been linked with since its formation in 1992.

On the album, Laibach uncovering a common ground linking the nations, a shared patriotic sentiment based around the bloody and violent foundations of nation which here, can be heard in the lyrics and pomp of the largely hymnal tracks. By reinterpreting the music and translating the lyrics of each anthem, the band have not only shown us this common ground, they have also offered up a very pertinent comment on today's political situation and a warning for future generations.

VOLK DEAD IN TRBOVLJE shows their concert in Trbovlje, Slovenia, the industrial town associated with the birthplace of Laibach in 1980.

As a bonus, the DVD offers a collection of some of the most relevant screens that were projected during the show, animated stories of some of the most important songs. The Laibach music videos associated with VOLK are part of the content too. The project ends with a tour medley, a short video commentary as a souvenir from some of the places where Laibach have toured with VOLK.

DVD: (NTSC All Regions)

01. Germania
02. America
03. Anglia
04. Rossiya
05. Francia
06. Italia
07. España
08. Yisra'el
09. Türkiye
10. Zhonghuá
11. Nippon
12. Slovania
13. NSK
14. Tanz Mit Laibach
15. Alle Gegen Alle
16. Du Bist Unser
17. Hell: Symmetry
18. Achtung!
19. Das Spiel Ist Aus
20. Laibach Medley
21. Germania (Screen)
22. Anglia (Video)
23. Rossiya (Video)
24. Francia (Screen)
25. España (Screen)
26. Türkiye (Video)
27. Zhonghuá (Screen)
28. Nippon (Screen)
29. Slovania (Video)
30. Vaticanae (Screen)
31. Volk Tour Medley

Kat.Nr.: 5099921305399
Format: DVD-Video Album
VÖ: 25.07.08

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